Academic Tutoring

At times students may want to get ahead in one area, or need help with an academic subject. Teachers often work one-on-one with a student during the regular class period. At other times parents and/or teachers identify the need for extra help. Counterpoint™ is able to arrange for assessment and tutoring during regular school hours.

"I felt at CounterpointTM no child would go un-noticed. My son was behind in reading and math at (his last school) but there was no recognition that there was a problem. At CA he got help right away, and during school hours!"

Quote from CounterpointTM parent

Speech and Language

Counterpoint AcademyTM works closely with Speech and Language Therapists to ensure that children experiencing difficulties in this area are identified quickly, and appropriate support is initiated as soon as possible. Sessions occur on-site during regular school hours.

"The Principal tutored my son herself! We counldn't believe how quickly he progressed"

Quote from CounterpointTM parent

English as a Second Language

International students who require assistance with English take private ESL tutoring during regular school hours. Our goal is to help these children feel part of the CounterpointTM community as quickly as they can.

Teachers pay close attention to students for whom English is not their first language. We link these boys and girls with peers in the classroom and in the schoolyard. Canadian students love to show our new International boys and girls the fun of skating, skiing, curling and other typical winter sports in Canada. Vocabulary follows quickly in this atmosphere of fun and friendship.