Elementary School Parent Testimonial

"Counterpoint Academy West (CAW) has been a wonderful place for our children to grow and learn. We chose this school for its open nurturing environment, academic excellence, and quality and commitment of its teachers. Our children have been expected to put forward their best efforts in all facets of academics, athletics and arts. They have been encouraged to push boundaries and grow not only as students but as people. They have always looked forward to going to CAW - there can be no higher praise for a school." Mr. and Mrs. S.

"When I was looking for a good school for my 4 year old, I wanted to know if the school could be something that I would feel it was an extension of the home…and if the educators could be the extension of the family! My other priorities were an enriched program, smaller teacher-student ratio, equal emphasis on academics, arts and physical education and a loving and caring environment where each child can thrive to be the best he or she can be. That's quite a demanding list I have to say! After one and a half years, being a proud parent of CAW, I can truly say that Counterpoint Academy West is all of the above and much more! I know this because we have never seen our daughter to be so eager to learn and to be so proud of her school when she represents the school for a trip or a performance. We look at her with utmost pleasure and realize every day when she comes home from school that she is a bit more enlightened and intellectually grown-up. This is so rewarding and she wouldn't be there without the structured program of CAW and the dedication of the teachers and staff alike!" Mrs. H.

"It's been comforting to know that not only was our daughter getting a great education in her formative years, but that she has grown immensely from her Counterpoint experience. She has developed into a confident, inquisitive and engaged little girl and I have the teachers at Counterpoint to directly thank for that! The preschool experience was truly exceptional and I can't say enough about her JK and SK teachers... their passion and teaching values shine through in everything they do and my daughter has benefited greatly from their influence. Words never seem to be enough and in our busy and hectic schedules we, as parents, often take for granted the very things that most deserve our gratitude. The foundation that our daughter has received at Counterpoint will continue to serve her well into her elementary years and beyond. Thank you for providing a wonderful environment and superior educational experience." Ms. W.

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Preschool Parent Testimonial

"Our son thoroughly enjoyed his time at Counterpoint Academy West Preschool. He hadn't been part of a structured daycare before, so at 3 1/2 years old, he had a steep learning curve! His teachers and the rest of the staff at Counterpoint were absolutely wonderful. They are all so caring, yet fun, and our little guy thought they were the best. When he started school he hardly knew any French at all, but now he can sing all the days of the week and count to 10. I wouldn't hesitate at all to recommend Counterpoint Academy." J.F.

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