Day Care Curriculum

Happy Days at CounterpointTM Day Care

At CounterpointTM Day Care the every day curriculum is filled with engaging activities that foster a sense of accomplishment, and march in step with the children's natural curiosity, love of fun, music, and movement. More detailed information about CDC is available within the Parent Handbook.

Circle Time

Each day the children participate in Circle Time where songs, poetry and games introduce and re-enforce basic pre-school skills and knowledge. Specially designed cognitive development toys and carefully planned, hands-on Science activities add to the stimulating variety of activities.

French, Everyday!

Our daily French Circle Time is a joyous time of singing, puppetry and interactive games. This popular feature supports our commitment to second language learning.

Music for the Young

Our specially trained pre-school music teacher comes twice per week to get us singing, dancing and clapping to the beat - a definite favourite with the teachers and children alike!

Fun Fitness for the Young

Boys and girls twirl, roll, skip, and laugh during our specially designed Fun Fitness for the Young programme which demonstrates through doing how good health and exercise go hand in hand.

I'm a Scientist!

Pre-reading, pre-math and pre-science taught through games and creative activities capture the imaginations of the children, and entice them to play and learn at their own pace.

Let's Play Outside!

Twice a day children enjoy activities out of doors in a safe and supportive environment where they are welcomed into the wondrous world of outdoor play.

I'm a serious artist!

Whether through purposeful planning, imaginative dress up, or free expression children are lovingly guided to explore art and create their own masterpieces.

We celebrate our diversity!

Cultural diversity is celebrated by sharing traditional costumes and traditions from around the world.